From: [personal profile] redpill39
This post was about **git versus mercurial**, not subversion versus mercurial.

There is NO(!) difference for empty directory handling between git and merc.

PS: Opinionated view follows:
I'm returning to this page after 4 years, was checking arguments for both, having gotten angry about the inconsistencies of git, which we were using back then solely.
I must admit that I did not really fully understand the author's argument - but went to mercurial for our PaaS offering with my team simply for merc's clear benefits on the command line, while other teams in the company continued to use git.
After years with both and many k commits later, I'm now 100% sharing the author's argument: the problems in our companies git repos really accumulated over time, their histories are often a mess.
We never looked back: Mercurial is 100% perfectly designed ready to use application for the purpose, while git remains to feel to me like a platform, with no clear governance/vision/leadership governing the design decisions. Mercurial is being handled even by operations at our customers in CI setups, unthinkable with git.
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