Your arrows are pointing in the wrong direction

Date: 2011-06-07 03:11 pm (UTC)
A node in this graph doesn't care about descendants. Instead it needs to care about its ancestors. If I am correct, then I am able to answer your 3 questions.

Note: You are also missing a "temp" pointer in your Git graph for node ab3e2afd. The only way to get rid of this pointer would be to specifically delete it (git branch -d temp).

A) If you are going to release a0ee451c, then all of its ancestors need to be included in change control. You can terminate the lineage to include in change control at the tag or bookmark that notes your last release.
B) I'm not totally sure what you are after here. I think if you are looking for a stable point in history to branch off of, a bookmark would work much better than a branch name. I'm not sure why the first commit in a particular named branch would have more or less stability associated with it.
C) If you are going to send all the "topic" branch commits a colleague, then you must assume that they have all relevant history, which includes everything but 63a702b1, and 9201cef9. They already have the first two "topic" branch commits. Thus you would only need to send them the tip of the "topic" branch.

I guess I'm just not following where there is any information lost, or decisions that couldn't be made. This could be an overly simplified example that lost some of the complexity you have been frustrated with.

My solutions do depend on correct and responsible usage of tags or bookmarks. I also presume that contributors are not deleting pointers in hopes of throwing people off their scent.
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